Clearing and Adjustment

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About this notice

This privacy notice explains how Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) processes personal data of individuals who make a call or online enquiry to our Clearing Hotline during its period of operation or otherwise contact us via other means, such as through social media channels, about Clearing enquiries.

QMUL is a data controller in terms of Article 4 of the U.K. General Data Protection Regulation and we process personal data in accordance with our Data Protection Policy.

How we use your personal data and the legal basis

We record telephone calls received during the Clearing period for the purposes of staff training by reviewing samples of telephone conversations conducted and, only as required, to retrieve a call that is the subject of a dispute, complaint or appeal, with a view to establishing the facts and determining the appropriate response or remedy, which will be in exceptional cases. We do this in the interests of offering a good service to any caller and in order to assist with resolution of any issues encountered by an enquirer/prospective applicant.

If you object to this, you will need to end the call when you are told that calls may be recorded or you can contact us after the call to exercise this right.

You can also contact us via other, third party, channels, for example Facebook or WhatsApp, but you should understand that this is with your consent and any personal data shared over those channels is shared at your own risk. QMUL only becomes controller of the data when it is received into QMUL systems.

Sharing your personal data with others

Any recorded calls are only used internally and not shared with any third parties unless we are required to do so by law. If you voluntarily communicate with us using a third party channel, be aware that we have no control over the use of the data by the third party.

How long your personal data is kept

We intend to delete all recorded call information by the end of February 2022 at the latest.

Your rights and further information

For further information, including on your rights, please see http://www.seaglassproductions.com/privacy/

Please contact the Data Protection Officer if you have any questions.