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How to Save Big on Your Wedding Day

In a world where all prices have skyrocketed, saving where you can is everything.

So how do you minimize the damage to your budget

while still having your dream wedding?

Here is a list of tips, tricks and advice to help you save.


While there are certainly venues with pricing tiers, a great way to save is to choose a non-traditional location such as a park, beach or botanical garden. Locations like this not only offer more unique and idyllic backdrops, but also cost a fraction of the price.

Another great way to save both money and time is to have your entire day at one location. Since hosting your entire day at one location is easier not only on you but your guests and the environment, these weddings receive our eco-friendly incentive.

Which brings me to my second tip...


Some vendors include incentivized pricing for things such as booking your wedding on a weekday because they're less in-demand.

We offer incentivized pricing for off-season weddings, and eco-friendly choices!

Check out the link below to find out what other incentives we offer.

Digital Invitations

Unless you've been dreaming about your wedding invitations since you were a kid,

go the digital route! Traditional invitations can hike up your bill, especially when

considering printing and mailing costs.

DIY As Much As You Can While Involving Loved Ones

Making centrepieces or wedding favours? Make a party out of it!

Get togethers to make crafts to decorate your special day will create a sense of togetherness and shared excitement. Not to mention, it will make you feel much more supported through the process which can sometimes get stressful.

Involving your friends and family in you wedding planning process is such a good way to get excited about the day while also dispersing the workload. While some couples feel they don't want to burden others, chances are the people you care about enough to include in your wedding will be more than happy and even excited to help!

From having someone bake the wedding cake to asking a friend to put together a playlist, things like this will likely make your friends and family happy that you want them to be more involved.

Facebook Groups

So many more brides are paying forward today, which is not only much easier on your budget, but also much less stressful! I've been seeing it more and more on Facebook groups where brides are offering the most beautiful decorations that they didn't completely use on their day, and only asking the next bride to pay it forward!

If you can't find a pay it forward situation, this route will definitely be more cost-efficient than buying the decorations new!

Focus on the Important Things

While the smaller details can add a bit more beauty to your day,

keep in mind, that's all you need them for.

One day.

If there is one piece of advice I would give to my closest friends and family planning their wedding, it would be to prioritize your memories. Even if you're not getting it from me, please, please, please make sure you include photography and video in your day.

While the pricing for these services can be on the higher price tag side, they will capture and preserve the memory of every other one of the details - that will only last one day -FOREVER!

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