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🌊 🏔 Maternity Photography at Britannia Beach, Ottawa

I will breathe life into you like the ocean breathes life into the Earth;

Like the Earth breathes life into the mountains...

I met up with Sarah and Chris at the edge of the city, where the horizon kisses the Ottawa River.

I connected with Sarah in the middle of the pandemic and at the beginning of 2021. Her email told the story of how she had been following me for a while and she felt it was almost surreal to finally be reaching out to me about her wedding. Her message was truly a much welcomed piece of sunshine ☀️

For her maternity photography session, Sarah brought the robe she wore on her wedding day. It was such a brilliant and thoughtful way of continuing its story.

It's such a special experience and something I'm so grateful for to connect with such lovely people and be part of some of the most important milestones in their lives.

To be trusted with capturing these memories is something I will forever hold close to my heart.

Visit our social media for a peak behind the scenes into this session!

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