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I don't dream at night. I dream at day. I dream all day.
I'm dreaming for a living.

- Steven Spielberg

"Undoubtedly, the best decision we made during our wedding planning process
was hiring Sea Glass. Lexie is a very
thoughtful and intentional filmmaker."

- Shanel & Kyle

Sea glass begins as ordinary shattered glass and, over time, is smoothed
over by the ocean until each piece is original and uniquely beautiful.

We chose this name because each of our films is crafted with artful cinematography,
carefully curated music and intentional editing that we weave together
in a way that embodies the stories they tell.


it's made by time...

cinematic storytellers

Whether you're seeking a timeless keepsake of your love story, or a story-driven video to boost your brand awareness, we do it all.

From conception to final film, we take you through every step of the process.

Snowy mountain top

If you're looking for someone who can
take your vision and surpass what you could imagine,
Lexie from Sea Glass is definitely the one to pick.

- Katie & Mitch

cinematic storytellers



Rob Thompson Hotels
Commercial Photoshoot


Story bridges emotional connections between your audience and the mission of your brand.

We create story-based videos that, not
only create lasting impressions,
but inspire action.

Her Esthetician
Commercial Content Creation

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behind the lens

As you can see, I discovered my passion at the young age of two, and while the camera's been upgraded a bit, my love for the craft has remained.

Storytelling has always been a part of my life. It was where I started, and it's something I use every day, for my career and in my personal life. From the time I was scribbling bits and pieces of stories on scrap paper as a kid, to editing them together in the editing room today, it's where I started, and it's something I use every day. It led me to a love of reading, writing and watching movies, then to a passion for filmmaking and photography.

My love for writing led me to attend Canterbury Arts High School, where I realized I could turn the words on a page into a visual story in photographs, or my favourite, in film. From there, I went on to study film and television production in Toronto. 

During my time in film school, I was trained to plan a production, learnt the art of cinematography and how to use composition, sound and colour grading to achieve the tone and feel of a scene. Film school not only taught me the importance of composition, music, sound design and editing, but how to weave them together to bring a film to life. There is an art to storytelling that is often under-appreciated in the modern world of film and television, and my goal with every film is to tell a story that leaves an impression.

young me copy_edited_edited.jpg

Lexie (age 2)


my philosophy

Animals and the environment are among my core values, and as such, the question of ethical and eco-consciousness factor into all decisions I make, both business-wise and lifestyle. Everything from the camera accessories I use to the incentives I offer are purchased and created with the intention of doing my part in helping to sustain and protect this extraordinary planet we are privileged to call home, as well as those we share it with.

behind the lens

What Clients Say

"We were so fortunate to work wtih Lexie from Sea Glass Films & Photography to create a video for our non-profit organization. Lexie is professional, dedicated, easy and (super) fun to work with, and so very talented. The footage she captured and her unique vision for the video is more beautiful than anything we could have imagined. You can tell she is highly experienced in videography, and has such wonderful vision and storytelling capabilities."

Sarah and Steven

The Sweet Sanctuary

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