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5 Prompts for Engagement Photography

Looking for different ways to bring out genuine smiles during your photoshoots?

Here are our 5 Prompts to coax those genuine smiles.

1. Kiss Tag

Whether it's the arm, the cheek or the foot, to tag the other in this game, they have to chase and catch their partner and kiss them somewhere on their body in order to tag them.

2. Dance & Spin!

Adding movement to your shots can a beautiful element to your photos, especially if there is a flowy dress involved!

Here, I caught the girls at the end of a spin and I love the sense of movement in their hair and legs.

Dancing and spinning is also one of my favourite prompts for video.

3. Use Your Surroundings

If your photoshoot is during the fall, adding fallen leaves into the mix is a great way to bring out some great expressions.

Whether you ask them to throw leaves at each other, tickle a neck with a leaf, or lie down in them, there is no end to the creativity and fun you can bring to the session with this one.

4. Prince/Princess Charming

Add some fairytale magic into the session by asking each partner to kiss the other's hand.

5. Lying on the ground

Changing your perspective is a lovely way to diversify your photos.

Make sure you do this at the end of the session, not only to keep their clothes clean for the rest of the photos, but as a relaxing bookend after all those games!

Giving your couple a prop to tease the other with is also a great way to encourage them to let loose. Whether it's a leaf, a flower or snow, there is always something you can use.

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