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🌪 A Tornado Left Their Church Without Power! 🌪

Shawna and Matt got married in 2019, the day after a tornado hit Ottawa.

When we arrived at the church, we discovered the tornado had knocked out their power, and for those unfamiliar with Notre Dame Cathedral, they have strict rules about the equipment used by photographers and videographers, and also have very high ceilings which are very difficult to bounce a flash off of.

Despite this VERY unforeseen circumstance, we still had a great day!

Looking back at this wedding day, the two pieces of advice I would take away from it and share with future couples are ...

Firstly, it's almost a rule made by the wedding Gods that something will go wrong on your day. This could be as small as misplacing your veil, and as major as a tornado wreaking havoc through the city and knocking out the power at your venue.

My advice? Don't sweat it. There are only two important things on your wedding day, and those are you and your partner. You will have put a lot of time and effort into planning your day, and whatever goes wrong will only make it more interesting. It's how you deal with the struggles that matters.

My second bit of advice... Hire professionals.

Vendors that have experience in the industry are well-versed in dealing with problems. We're not only photographers and videographers, but also part-time tie experts, problem solvers and personal cheerleaders.

Being at your side the entire day, it is our job to make you laugh, encourage you to take in the moment, and do our best to make sure you actually

enjoy and experience this day you've been dreaming of.

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