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🎥 Crafting a Business to Business Sizzle Reel for Planted Expo

Updated: Feb 2

I recently had the privilege of creating two sizzle reels to showcase the event of

Planted Expo in Toronto!

The purpose of this first reel was to attract vendors to

exhibit at Planted Expo 2023.

In the vibrant world of business to business marketing, the power of visual storytelling is unparalleled. Recently, I had the privilege of creating a Business-to-Business (B2B) sizzle reel for Planted Expo in Toronto, North America's plant-based exhibition.

Join me on the behind-the-scenes journey of capturing the essence of this plant-based revolution and translating it into a compelling B2B narrative.

Understanding the Planted Expo Vision

The first step in creating a this particular sizzle reel was to deeply understand the vision and mission of Planted Expo. What sets them apart in the market? What kind of consumers are attending their event and why? And finally, nothing speaks louder than first-hand testimonials from happy vendors.

This understanding laid the foundation for the storytelling process.

Identifying the Key Message

Every B2B communication requires a clear message. For Planted Expo, the focus was that, not only did this event put plant-based vendors in front of people who are 100% their target market, but it provided a space for vendors to come face-to-face with consumers who share core values, or are eager to hear their stories and create a connection,

If you are plant-curious or a vendor who offers vegan/cruelty-free products or services, I would highly recommend checking out Planted Expo as your next endeavour. Not only was the feedback from all types of consumers (omnivores and vegans alike) nothing but positive, but the line up to enter the event was out the door both days.

If you're interested in exhibiting at their next event, visit the link below!

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