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Top 5 Tips for a Family Photography Session

1. Choose the Right Location

My "go to" when booking a family photography session is to see if there is a location that holds sentimental value. This could be a park, a beach or even the forest in your backyard.

In this case, the Andersons chose a family cottage as their location.

This encouraged us to have fun with the photography time, even capturing them taking one last paddle board together.

2. Activities, Props & Animals

Whenever the family asks if they can incorporate animals in their session, I get so excited!

The more personal touches we can add to the photos, the better. This includes props, animals and favourite toys to keep the younger kids happy.

Incorporating a fun activity into the session is also a great idea as it encourages you to let loose, and smile while I capture those natural, candid smiles.


3. Coaxing Smiles

When there are kids or family members who might not be too comfortable in front of the camera or are smile resistant, I try to loosen and relax the atmosphere by giving directions like "stick out your tongues" or "tickle your sister".

4. Prepare the Kids

If you have young children, something that can help make the session fun for them is to allow them to bring their favourite toy. Most of the time, your photographer will be able to photoshop this out, but it can also add more of a personal touch and create an even more special memory!

5. Remember to Have Fun

While the posed, smiling photos are great, my favourite photos to capture are the candids and silly stuff.

I will usually give a direction like "make a silly face" or "stick out your tongue", especially when there are certain family members or young kids that are restless or not wanting to smile.

Directions like this will allow me to either capture natural smiles as they laugh at themselves afterwards, or at least create a better expression than a frown!


Something in this photo was missing on the day.

Can you guess what it was?

Hint: If someone in your family can't make it, I will do my best to photoshop a photo you have of them into your session photos!

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