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6 Creative Ideas for Engagement Photography

While Ottawa has many picturesque locations to choose from, sometimes it's refreshing to switch it up, be creative and see what you can make of locations that may not have been your first choice for your next photoshoot.

The Side of the Road

Sometimes my favourite shots come from places I've stopped on my way to, or from locations.

For Andrea and Scott's Ottawa engagement session, we picked Mer Bleue Bog, but on my way there, I passed a set of train tracks and a wheat field that the sun was hitting just right.

Once we got what we needed at Mer Bleue, I asked them to follow me in their car to this location and I'm so glad I did. These photos turned out to be my favourites from the session!


For the animal-loving couple, rescues and sanctuaries are a great option.

They offer beautiful foliage, a private space and 10% of your session will be donated to the rescue/sanctuary so you're also supporting a good cause!

Shelby and Warren's engagement session took place at Keshet Kennels not only because it aligned with their values, but because it offered a secluded space they could bring their dogs to include in the session.


For couples in the Grey Bruce Peninsula part of Ontario, my favourite spot has been...

Harrison Park

It offers a myriad of options to make your photos beautiful like lush greenery, lovely gardens and duck ponds.

Its hidden gem is the waterfall hidden within its forests. Catch this at the right time of the day and you'll find the sun peaking through the tree tops creating a truly magical backdrop.

Luskville Falls...

... is my favourite place to go for a couple who is wild and free.

It has a beautiful landscape with cat tails and tall grass,

and is just a short hike to the waterfall.

Tip: The waterfall doesn't flow all year round, so if you're aiming for water, September is a good month to go!

(fast-forward to 0:55 to see the location!)

Your Local Park

In truth, you really don't need acres of forest, a waterfall or the "popular" spot for photography to get amazing photos. If you're lucky enough to live near a walking path, you'll likely stumble upon a few small spots where the light is just perfect.

I have been frequenting my local library to switch up my environment when getting work done, and my eyes happened to wander out the window. I noticed the sun, just about to start setting, was casting this wonderful glow on the trees along the path outside.

It was so beautiful that I asked Sophie and Talia to meet me there for their engagement session!

And finally, Sophie and Talia's engagement session brings me to the final tip...

The Venue

Arranging the engagement session at the wedding venue

can be sweet bookends to a love story.

If the wedding is in the Summer, do the photos in the Fall, Spring or Winter to give your photos a diverse yet synchronized theme.

We did Part 1 of Sophie and Talia's engagement session at Pine Lodge which will be their venue in the Summer <3

When it comes to engagement photography, the important thing to remember is that any location can be turned into a cute spot for photos.

What matters is the meaning.

If the place where you met was a parking lot, or your first date was at a coffee shop, there's no duplicating the emotion of returning to that spot for your engagement session.

Genuine emotion is what I capture and any location can be beautiful if you know

how to capture it.

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